Custom Heishi bracelets are definetly best sellers for gifts and personal wear, also super fun to design personally for each buyer. A few of my favorite examples are shown. How to personalize your own? Follow the steps below :)


Custom Text: Choose a name / nickname, inspirational word, etc. for the bracelet - up to 8 letters only, to ensure that the whole name is seen on the top of the wrist! 

*if you would like two words (ie: "GIGEM AGGIES", "HOOKEM HORNS", "LOVE YOU") they will be on two bracelets (with the coordinating color(s)).


Color(s): Choose your color(s)...up to 3 colors

*Gold spacers will be included in every bracelet. 


Size: Standard bracelet (what you would find in stores) is a SMALL as a 6.75" bracelet. 

XXS= 5.75"

XS= 6.25"

*if the size you're looking for is not an option, once I have contacted you we can chat about preffered sizing :)